Monday 10 April 2017

Patio Progress - Footings Finished & Retaining Wall

Another busy weekend here. 
I had a phone call from my bricklaying friend, Dill, last week and he said he could come over and work if I had the footings ready. 
I mentioned this to dad and he sprang into action. He came over Friday night and we got them dug out, it didn't take too long and surprisingly we weren't doing it in the dark! 
Digging more footings along side the steps I built last year. 

Footings for the curved bit
 Then on Sunday my dad and my brother came over to give me a hand, we started mixing concrete and got all the footings poured by about two o'clock, I was pleased as it meant I had time to get ready for my bricklayer!
Pad for more under patio storage

Dave, my brother, digging another two foot as we had some concrete left! 

Footings done! 
 I then spent ages moving everything around, getting blocks in the right place, moving the mixer, getting sand out for him. 
Dill is a quick worker and he managed to get most of the retaining wall built. The new section includes two under patio storage cupboards and a curved section to try to soften the look of the whole thing! 
Under patio cupboards

Curved wall

Cupboards from above - I now need to create some shuttering to pour the slabs on top

The view at the back of the house, I think the patio goes nicely with it all. 
There's still loads to do, I need to shutter and pour the concrete for the patio storage, then the hardcore needs back filling against the retaining wall, stone added to the top and wackered down, loads of slabbing, then dwarf walls built with planters in them, cupboard doors to make, etc...

But in spite of that long list it really does feel like we're making serious progress and at least half of the patio should be finished by the end of next week, giving us somewhere outside to eat without worrying that our little boy is going to run off the edge learning to fly! 

What do you think?

Do you think the storage areas are a good idea or too much work for what I gain? 

Is the patio going to be too big (I think it'll be great for parties!)?


  1. this is a fabulous project and i sure wish i had storage areas like that!

  2. I don't think you could ever go wrong with extra storage.

  3. Great progress Kev.. looks real nice.

  4. I don't think there's such a thing as a patio being too big. Great job! Looks beautiful.

  5. Nothing is ever TOO BIG. Nice job.

  6. You will have a lovely space for entertaining this summer!

  7. I agree with others, any storage is a good thing and yours being such a clever idea like that, will blend in once you've finished.

  8. Go big always, you have youngsters and they need space. Lovely job and brilliant idea for storage.

  9. Beautiful job Kev, it looks fantastic, makes the whole house look bigger. I too think you'll appreciate the extra storage when done. Your little ones will be with you a long time and those darn kids...they have STUFF!


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