Sunday 3 September 2017

A Visit To Llanercheron

We've been to a lot of National trust Properties over the years and we've been members for the last two year - it makes for a cheap day out as a family. When we were away in Wales a few weeks ago we looked on the map and decided that a visit to Llanercheron was only about 8 miles away and us adults and kids would probably enjoy it, there's only so long you can spend on the beach... 
The place is fantastic, I was really impressed. I took so many pictures so the easiest way to show you would be lots of photos!

Always a sucker for a walled garden and I love cold frames - one day I'll build some! 

The walled garden had something really unusual I hadn't seen before - a concrete framed glasshouse

The reinforcing was rusting out and destroying it now but really interesting non the less, built after the war when there was a shortage of timber

The garden had a good amount of fruit and veg growing, some for sale in the entrance shop 

Doorway into the next section fo garden

Not used to not being able to pick all the tomatoes she wants!

No one wanted to use the toilet! 

Plenty of squashes 

A really impressive herb garden with hundreds of types. 

In the farm yard where the hay ricks would have been placed. 

Lots for the kids to do, they were given an activity wheel at the start with different things to do around the house, garden and farm yard. Here the girls dressed up scarecrows

Beautiful old barns with carts in them. 

One of the best saw pits I've seen

I bet some sweat has been spent in here

Getting the boy away from the sheep was tricky...

Great farm yard with all sorts of animals

Pink pigs - the girls were happy! 
Working out how much milk the big house needed

Fake cow to milk

cobbled courtyard- stones fetched from the seaside

I'm always more interested in "downstairs" than up. This is the old main kitchen and fireplace

An older fireplace, used for stews and slow cooking

The pantry was dressed how it would have been 

i know I don't believe in sell by dates but I might take a miss on these pickled onions which were done in 1935!

Making milk

Excuse the bowl but this is an amazing sink for milk and cheese making, made out of one piece of slate

Cheese presses filled with rocks

Cheese room 

Meat curing room

Brine bins

Salting table

The place even had it's own brewery! 

We picked up the children at the end of the day...
Only joking - no way this would keep our three in! 

Produce for sale in the shop
I've never been to a national trust place with so many animals before, everything from turkeys to horses were here and the kids loved that part. Also for there to be so much infrastructure for the manufacturer of products, basically they made everything they needed here, there was even a large changing room for all the staff who walked in from a near by village.  
One of the best National Trust properties we've walked round and we'll be going again next time we're down that way, 100% recommend it! 


  1. Looks like a great day out. I also adore walled kitchen gardens. I read somewhere that it would cost one hundred thousand Pounds a year to run and pay the gardeners wages. Yikes!

  2. Interesting place. England has a lot of good sites to visit. Iron age forts, Dark Ages villages, you have the living history thing down. We only have that for our revolutionary war and War between the States periods, really.

  3. That looks an interesting visit. I do like those cold frames.

  4. It looks great off to Wales so I'll see if I have time to go.

  5. What a fabulous house. I used to dream of owning a walled garden like that.

  6. This looks lovely, we'll have a look next time we're up that way, it's a beautiful part of the world. My girls would be in their element with all the animals too!


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