Friday 8 September 2017

Warner's King Cooking Apple

I've been pruning my cordon apple trees this week and I've been surprised by how much fruit there is in and amongst it. 
One apple I found on the floor was this Warner's King apple, the only apple that this tree produced - but it made it a good 'un!

 Nearly 2lb in weight - almost the same size as my boys head! 
I made two blackberry and apple crumbles with just one apple! One for that night's tea and one to go in the freezer - I am trying to get better at batch cooking! 
Warners King is a great cooking apple, the apple cooks down to a light fluff and tastes great. It was always the first apple tree in my parents old orchard when I was growing up and the first cooking apple that we'd have ripe - I'd look froward to it because it meant we'd have apple pancakes that week! Like any early apple it doesn't keep and they're not all this big! 

I should have a few of these trees for sale in a few months as well so keep your eyes peeled! 

What early cooking apple do you like?


  1. I never would have thought an apple could grow so big. Impressive.

  2. I like Blenheim Orange which usually regards as dual purpose. When they first become pickable in September they are on the sharper side and later on into November they lose their tartness and become more of a dessert apple. But I like sharp so munch away from the start. They store well.

  3. Look at that apple! I guess my favorite cooking apple is a mix of what's ripe and shaped well enough to require minimal peeling. I try to pull from different trees to get a variety.

    1. I'm absolutely with you on that - peeling & preparation properties rate highly with me too :)

  4. just reading your pears in sugar syrup recipe--add a few cloves to the syrup as it cooks.

    on the brandy suggestion maybe he means put it in the syrup where the alcohol dissipates?
    you can add any flavor liquor. keeps the flavor but no alcohol left.


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