Saturday 25 May 2019

Bleeding A Digger

Silly mistakes always cost time. 

Normally the sillier the mistake than the longer it takes to sort. Which is what happened today when the digger ran out of fuel.

I could even hear the digger starting to stall but just wasn't quick enough to pull the stop. When I topped it up the digger would turn over but not fire up.

Then it was a case of tracing the fuel pipes and bleeding them where I could (along with phone calls to dad). The injector had a bleed nut on it and as the digger has an electric pump I was hopeful that it would be enough. But nope.

More spanners and more fuel on me I took off the high pressure pipes above the injector and let the digger fire a few times. Then she came back to life! This took a good hour or more so could have been far worse but still annoying.

I was using the digger to move muck into the poly tunnel frame before I get plastic on it in the next few weeks. I've also used it to dig a trench that the plastic will be buried in and held down. Having a little digger round the place really makes light work of some jobs.

Can't wait to fill the poly tunnel up, I know it'll be a bit late but I'm hopeful that I'll still get a few good crops, the tomatoes are desperate to get in there!

What silly mistake has cost you time in the past? I can think of so many!

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