Sunday 30 June 2019

Bathroom Floor Finished

###This is a collaborative post###

I've finally got round to putting down the floor in the bathroom. 

It's amazing how used to the bare plywood we'd become.

To be honest I'd forgotten how much flooring changes a room! It now feels finished after waiting over 12 months! Why did I put it off so long?

In an ideal world we wouldn't have gone for for something more expensive than the end of roll vinyl flooring that we've ended buying from the discount bin, but it's all our budget would stretch to. We would have much rather gone for something like tiles or some high quality  Engineered Wood Flooring.

As both our bathrooms are quite small I decided to lay them myself. The first smaller shower room didn't take too long. I find laying something like this far harder than fitting a wood floor, the material (as it's a low cost one) rips easily and is pretty unforgiving. Luckily here I could lift the toilet rather than cutting round it.

The second bathroom was far harder and in the end I used off cuts from the first floor to create a template before I cut the lino for real. This is a great tip for anyone cutting flooring to be honest. It means that you can get it right round all the awkward bits before you need to start on more expensive material!

The kids found the whole process fascinating and kept following me round. My eldest in particular was watching closely and kept asking what I was going to do with the waste. I didn't realise that she had plans for the large off cut!

Turns out I had three floors to do! The Wendy house got a bit of a revamp that day!

An afternoon well spent in my mind. The bathroom feels like it's finally finished (after I added the mirrors which I'll blog about later) and now I'm wondering why I left it so long. The kids love their new Wendy house floor as well!

Do you have an area that needs a new floor? Or one that you did after years of waiting?


  1. I'm on year 5 with plywood floors in the whole house because I ran out of money ... but I just was given enough raw ash tongue and groove to finish the living are (small). Now I have way too much stuff to move around but I'm grateful.

    1. Yeah, this was money issues! lol! We would have gone for a more expensive option if we could. This will do for a few years though. I love Ash flooring though so I bet yours will look great!

  2. Your bathrooms look great. So does the Wendy house. How resourceful of your daughter for find a use for the surplus flooring.

    1. Yeah, She's so practical! Anything like this and she's so interested.

  3. Yeah my house needs a new floor but I better hurry up and build the house first haha!
    Hope you and yours are well, love you brother!

    1. Ha! Yes a house first is ideal! Can't wait to see your place. I'm still keen for a busmans holiday if I can convince the wife when you're building!


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