Friday 14 June 2019

Royal Three Counties Show 2019

So today I managed to go to a countryside show all by myself. It was BLISS!!!

I've had such a great day at the Three Counties Show. Being on my own meant I could talk to everyone without having a small person tugging at my sleeve, go where I wanted to, when I wanted to! Something I'll have to make sure I don't get used to!

The day was a perfect mix of all things I enjoy, woodwork, machinery, gardening, animals and food! Every hobby I have was catered for!

I was seriously impressed with the sheer volume of stuff there, loads of everything.

I had a great time chatting to the woodturners who were encouraging me to get back into turning again (which I would love to). 

The number of animals that were there was staggering, so many of each breed, lovely to see them all looking at their absolute best, I always spend ages looking round the sheep.

There was even some competition veg, what I loved about these was that they were proper season veg and not forced, so similar to what I have in the garden at the moment. Although none of mine would match up this year!

One of my favourite places at a show like this is the poultry tent. It's also one of the noisiest. I love looking round all the weird and wonderful chickens and ducks. Every year I think I should keep a line of small bantams that are slightly useless but look amazing, I certainly saw some I'd love to keep this year. Might be time to buy some more hatching eggs.

I loved the bee keeping tent. Part of me wished I liked honey so I could keep bees but I tend to hate the stuff! There was an awesome hive there that I might have to do a separate post on. I also loved the hives that were cut away so you could see the insides, a great way of understanding how they worked.

I also got chatting to the guy making skeps, what a forgotten art but he made something so beautiful. I'd love to grow some tall straw for people like this one day.

So all in all, despite the horrible weather (it drizzled most of the day) it was an amazing day out and felt very decadent being there on my own. Almost tempted to go back tomorrow.

Who else loves a good country show? What do you have local to you?


  1. How amazing that a BIG show like the 3 counties still has things like a produce competition!

    1. Yes I loved it! And things that most have growing at that time of year. Nothing is worse than going to a show and seeing things that have been brought on about three months early!

  2. what a great show kev. i would have loved to watch the bee skep guy at work. i never knew anyone that didn't like honey!

    1. The skep guy was really interesting. Id love to have a go but think it takes about three days to make one. They look great though!


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