Friday 21 June 2019

Fill A Jar & Cutting Down On Sugar

One thing no one warns you about with having children is all the "parent taxes" that you have to pay. 

Our school is particularly bad for this. Every few weeks there seems to be a non school uniform day with a charitable donation attached. 

This months no school uniform day is where each child has to fill a jar with something that can then be used on the tombola for the school festival next month. 

My mind went straight to filling it with sweets and I'm sure many parents have gone down that route.

But lately my wife and I have been trying really hard to cut down on the "rubbish" we eat and we've found that the only way to do this is not to buy it. We both have a slump after we've put the kids to bed and naturally turn to sugar to pick us up for a short time, of course we both no this isn't good for us long term and are trying (slowly) to change it. 

So far we've been good, although my wife is better than me. I've pretty much eaten anything sweet that's been left in the house! Cooking chocolate the works, it's all disappeared! But it's all gone now and we're too far from shops to pop out and get something, I'm also making sure I'm doing the weekly shop when I'm not hungry or at a low energy ebb so I don't get weak and buy some.

Of course this didn't help with the jars so I looked round the house and decided that I could do one with some homemade dried fruit (apple, pear and banana) and one with lots of different seed packets in that I made up myself. Zero cost to us and a healthy and hopefully fun option to put in the tombola. 

What the betting our jars get left until last?! 


  1. Suppose it wouldn't do any harm for us all to cut down on sugar? We have started cutting down on meat. Some days we don't eat any and on meat days we share what we would both have ate. Good post.

    1. We cut back on meat some time ago but have more depending on the weather and season, summer we tend to eat less and have less available. 30 chickens tends to last us the year now. As for the sugar it's a hard battle to fight! I'm so addicted!

  2. We stopped keeping in sweet nibbles, it works for us, having said that, I have an open bag of liquorice all sorts. Oh well its Friday evening.

    1. Friday doesn't count! Nore Saturday...
      I'm trying to replace it with dried fruit. I think the only way I'll do it is to keep it out the house to be honest. My will power is that rubbish!


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