Friday 13 March 2020

16 Types Of Tomato Planted!!!!

Each year I get carried away with tomato varieties!

And this year is no exception!

So far I have been sowing in both a heat propagator in our bedroom and one in the greenhouse (powered by an extension lead).

I have a rootstock tomato growing so I can try grafting them - this one is called Submarine and is supposed to massively increase vigour and yield.
Then I have the following varieties growing -

St. Pierre,
Cherokee Purple,
"Classic" Beefsteak,
Matts Wild Cherry,
A willd tomato,
Yellow Pear,
Sweet Currant,
Black Cherry,
Scotland Yellow (HSL),
Indigo Rose,
Black Russian,
Amish Paste,
Sub Arctic,

I have a few more I might add to this yet! The girls have plans to make tomato ketchup with yellow tomatoes this year so might need to make sure I haev plenty of them - The Scots yellow should eb good for that one, but might add a golden sunrise which I saved in 2017 as it was such a good cherry tomato.

I can't wait to get these in the polytunnel! But I need to get the plastic on it first!

What tomatoes have you planted this year?

What would you recommend I should add to the list?


  1. I love fresh tasty tomatoes warm from the sunshine. Roll on summer

    1. Yes Can't wait! The kids just love them! Wonder if we'll end up with any after they've been into them!

  2. Out of all your list the only ones I've grown are the Amish Paste and that was so long ago I can't remember what they were like!
    I have Ildi (yellow plum) already through and will sow Big Mama and something else soon.
    Hope all yours do well for you

    1. I just got sent a yellow plum which I will have to try as well. Love all the different types!

  3. I am again growing the amish paste, but it is not as productive but nice. I like orange banana,very productive and tasty ,good for tomato sauce and to eat.Dr carolyn, rose de berne,skyomish,maskotka and gardeners ectasy are all favourites. I can send you a selection of others if you want. Mine are mostly germinated now. Germination of tomato and sweet peppers has been good this year,last year it was not. Happy growing.

    1. I'm hoping to graft some to make them more productive.sounds like you've got a great selection! I'd love some for next years growing!

  4. I was very lucky years ago with San Marzano, they are the best cooking tomatoes I have ever had. great for minestrone, stews and if you are drying or making passatta they are the best for this. They have been the BEST I have ever grown. My parents were amazed that they cooked so well. More pulp less seeds and water.

    1. I grew those a few years ago and they were good but didn't save the seed so going for what I have or what I purchased extra...

  5. Mennonite orange and Costuloto I think that's how it's spelled.


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