Saturday 21 March 2020

Heritage Seed Library Seed Guardian!

So I've decided to take my seed saving to the next level and be a bit more serious with it. I've volunteered to become a Heritage Seed Library Seed Guardian! 

This involves a bit more commitment. Basically you "adopt" a variety that they have low stock of in the library and grow it out for them. you get to pick this from a list with the history of each.

I think the name is pretty cool and worth doing for that title alone!

I've not received mine yet but it sounds like you get about 40 seeds of something that won't cross easily (peas, beans and certain tomatoes). Then you need to grow them and make sure you send the seed back so they can be distributed next year to the other members.

Hopefully I'll get to try a few as well!


  1. Kev, that's great! Congratulations. Those heritage seeds are the entire world's most precious heritage.

  2. Fantastic Kev! Amazing stuff. Could you show us how your Blacktail hens are getting on. We have just sorted a coop and are hoping to get some next week. Are they friendly?

  3. What a great idea Kevin! Thanks for helping to save the past to preserve the future.


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