Sunday 15 March 2020

Wooden Seed Trays

I had a friend call the other day who wanted some wooden seed trays making. He's a professional gardener and wanted wooden trays to complete the look of the greenhouse and potting area. He had already purchased a wooden potting tray from me for this garden

I know that cedar would be a better material to use for it's ability to last but these are made from reclaimed pine, so hopefully a little more eco friendly. I hope that if treated well, not left in the wet, dried out each year and given a top up of linseed oil every few years they should last a long time.

Hopefully I'm going to add these to the line up of homesteading and gardening items I already make and sell online.

Would you use a wooden seed tray? I reuse my plastic trays many times but have plenty that are starting to fall apart now.

Is there a product you;d like to see commonly available in wood rather than plastic?


  1. I would use them when all of my plastics go kaput. At present I still have lots of small plastic pots from little plants I have bought over the years. But yes the answer is I would buy them.

    1. I like some of my plastic trays. Roottrainers take some beating for beans to be honest.


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