Monday 27 July 2020

A Good Place To Work

More and more I'm trying to work from home. Selling my homemade items on Etsy and taking on different commissions as well as bits of writing work and doing talks. But I still take on work that means I have to go somewhere else. 

Because of my working week and childcare always being the top priority it means that I can be quite selective about what I take on. 

One of my best friends manages a group of buildings and he often asks me to work with him. This is something I enjoy and it keeps my skills up to date when it comes to working on houses. They're a range of old properties but one is a huge old hotel (I'm sure I've mentioned working there before) split into flats. 

On a nice day this work was too good to turn down. We had to make a balcony child friendly. But what a setting! 

Quite a simple job, but one that looks really good when it's done.

My friend did laugh at me for my lunch though. As he grabbed his sandwiches I grabbed my little camping stove and reheated all my left over food from the night before - my daughters curry and all the extra bits! 

I love working from home, but doing some jobs like this a few miles away is pretty good as well! I'll be forever thankful that I fell into carpentry some 18 or so years ago. 

Where's a good place where you sometimes work?


  1. I was an immigration officer before I retired. No two days the same. Great job but shift work!

  2. I'm retired now, but I used to work on a wildflower nursery, in charge of propagation and looking after the gardens, it was a lovely job. The fence looks good Kev, that should keep the kiddiewinks under control!

  3. what a great way to child proof that balcony!

  4. I’m actually there now. I’m dog sitting for one of my gardening clients and they live on over 100 acres of gorgeousness. Blessed am I.

    Love that you bring a bit of home with you in the form of lunch lovingly made by your Littles.
    Nicely done on the fence. What a valuable skill.


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