Tuesday 7 July 2020

Ducks Got Big!

I can't believe how fast these ducks have grown! They are huge! 

We moved them into a bigger pen the other day and it was far easier than moving chickens! The kids loved herding them as they waddled along (the ducks not the kids waddled).

For now they're living in the pig ark and a small gated pen around them. 

They'll have the run of this whole 1/4 acre pen when they get bigger, but already they like getting out and doing a runner. Good job this breed can't fly! 

My boy seems to have taken to them the most, he spends hours out there sitting on the gate talking to them. 

We're currently trying to decided if we should hatch out another batch or not. That way we could have a breeding trio for next year and not have to buy in eggs, which can work out expensive. 

What do you think? Next hatch should be more ducks or more chickens? Both would be to produce a breeding flock next year. 


  1. All looking great.
    100% yes to new hatch and ducks all the way. As much as we rely on the hens eggs for things, I much prefer the ducks! Although they are messy swines! We're in the process of moving ours to a small paddock too. Not sure when we will manage to get that finished but I am looking forward to it being done.

  2. They look huge. What you feeding them with?

    River Cottage is being repeated on Foodnetwork channel at eight tonight. I always remember when you said you have met the great HFW.

  3. Yep, a vote for more ducks. Better layers than chickens and far sturdier too. Plus, adorable.

  4. hatch more who knows what a 2nd wave of Covid could mean for more shut downs.

  5. I vote yes if you can. Not knowing the future, it is a wise investment.


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