Thursday 2 July 2020


Few fruits I love more than properly ripe cherries 

But few things do I struggle growing more. 

We netted our trees but still struggle to get more than a few berries. Time to go to the professionals. 

Also a trip to the pick your own is a good low cost morning out in these lock down days! 

I love fruit picking and ended up goign twice to this local farm, picking two baskets full each time! 

The kids might have had their  fill as well! 

The rpice of these cherries was such good value, even making my own canned cherries worked out cheaper than buying them! So as soon as we got back we set to work, pitting them and making things with our bounty.

I made cherry vodka liquor and canned about 16 pints worth. 

My younger daughter set to some baking and made cherry up-side-down cake plus another to go in the freezer. No assistance needed other than putting it in the oven for her! 

What's your favourite thing to do with cherries?


  1. Just eat them. We dried a few for the Christmas cake, but other than that simply pigged out on cherries.

  2. Did you ask the owner of the cherry orchard for tips on how to get more cherries from YOUR tree(s)? Would like to know more too.

  3. My favorite fruit, too! Are birds your problem? If so, I can help. After trying any number of things from netting to sticky goo I have landed on a winner: scare tape. It is a roll of about 2-inch wide shiny mylar film with 'sparkly' imprints. I cut strips about 1.5 ft long and then (and this is the trick!) use a piece of string as a leader, again about 1.5 ft long, to tie the tape into the tree. When done well, the tape absolutely looks like silver sparkly snakes flying around the trees. I usually put a half dozen or so per tree. Stops the birds BANG! Amazon, a roll is cheap and enough to last several seasons for me. Cheers!

  4. Do you have Rainier cherries in England? They are the yellow ones with a blush of red. If you, can I recommend getting a tree or two. The flavor is very different from red cherries and they are absolutely sublime.

  5. I love dried cherries but they are expensive.

  6. Here in New Zealand cherries are associated with Christmas. My own favourite Summer fruit is plums, however I always have cherries as well. Happt eating and cooking, stay safe,
    Michelle in Wellington, NZ

  7. My mother lived in the middle of orchard country & was buried in fresh fruit every year!! She made cider, fruit leather & cherry raisins. My step dad had the job of 'pitting'. Other than fresh off the tree, I love the raisins the best!!

  8. Hey Kev have you seen black chickpea seeds anywhere? I would like to grow them next year

  9. I recently was quite excited to find cherry rhubarb jelly! What a delectable treat!!!!


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