Saturday 23 April 2022

Big Cut Roof Job In Wales - Side 2 - Roofing

 Something about a roofing job. Not sure what it is. People are often in awe of builders chucking on a new roof. In truth once the thinking part is done much of it is very simple. But some roofs have much more thinking than others involved in them!

This was one of the ones with more thinking in it! 

It's also another moment when you take off the tiles and felt and think that there's no way back! 

Now we had a much better idea of what we were doing, Dill worked on slating the other side while I cut the roof on this one. 

I had Alex to help me pass stuff up (and Dill to ask for many second opinions), but I was pleased to get this side "cut on" in a day. A 12 hour day, but still a day. Even managed to get it sheeted before it went dark! 

The next day was to add the dormer, much head scratching! But oh my goodness what a view!

I even took my small table saw to cut firing strips for the flat roofs, not many tools needed for a job like this, but that one made the long rip cuts much easier! Set up in the little back yard that the house has. 

So we then got that sheeted ready for the flat roofer (something none of us really do as quite specialist) to come and cover properly. 

So the old A frames stayed, as did the purlins (although we had to beef these up and pack the rafters on top of them as our roof was straighter than the old one). The whole thing feels much more sturdy now (good job, lol), some of the old rafters off this side were little more than batten! I also had to replace one rotten rafter down the side of the lean-to roof. 

But at least with with one stripped it meant we could do that repair and insulate the rest of the roof. Something which is really important. 

Next part we're onto the internals!

Anyone need a roofer?


  1. Looks a big job. Building materials prices are rocketing over here in Ireland are they where you live Kev?

    1. Yeah, somw things ahve doubled. Also hard to get things, Dill struggled to get the flashing kits for the veluxes, glass has big delays etc.

  2. Same story here. Builders are adding at least twenty five percent to their estimates for materials.

    1. Can't blame them, getting letters from my suppliers every few months bumping up the prices, saying it's their suppliers even though as a group they own the whole supply chain.

  3. who doesn't need a roofer! i could have one living here with the flat roof on my house!


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