Sunday 3 April 2022

Duck & Raspberry Pen

 So, thought I'd do a bit more about the new tunnel as there was quite a few questions. 

The 60 raspberry canes turned up early last week and I got them in the ground within an hour of them turning up!

To fox proof the run I put some chicken wire around the bottom and folded it outwards. Saves digging it in and works just as well, a fox never thinks to go back a bit to dig and will just try straight at where the wire is. 

I've tried to get the longest season possible with the canes, so an early summer variety, two mid summer and one late summer and two more autumn ones (although we have autumn bliss growing everywhere already).  

Someone on twitter suggested I grow some black raspberries so hopefully I have a couple of those plants coming some time next week. 

Hopeful that this will provide lots of fresh fruit and lots of fruit to preserve to use year round. 

What's your favourite raspberry variety? 


  1. Kev, I love raspberries of any kind, but find the black raspberries so much easier to grow and pick. The red ones I have in my garden don't ripen all at the same time, so I only get enough at one time to eat as I pick. You have so many that you probably won't have that problem. Also, I think the black ones make better juice for making jelly and syrup. Have fun what ever you do. I bet the kids will eat more than you can get into the house.

  2. Favorite raspberry? - all of them.

  3. I'm with Tigger! have to say your canes look a lot better than the ones I received earlier in the winter.

  4. My favourite is polka. I find it fruits productively from late July through to November if it stays mild. I also find it's quite wind resistant and I don't lose so much fruit. 0


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