Monday 25 April 2022

Big Cut Roof Job In Wales - Internals First Fix

One of my favourite jobs in carpentry is studding. Trouble was we had a fair bit to do before we could get there. 

The lovely old floor boards had seen better days (and better trades) so we decided the first thing to do was cover them with ply to make them a bit flatter and a bit stronger. 
Then we started working on insulation. 

Alex confided in me that his least favourite job was insulating. I had to tell him it was everyone's least favourite job! 

Different insulation is used in different areas, in the dormers I fitted some quite thick Kingspan type insulation, but the wrap type was used where the rafters were thin. 

This then gets counter battened ready for plaster board. 

the plaster boarding is very awkward! The one end wall (against the neighbours) was seriously all over the place, so I put up a stud wall here while they carried on boarding (I got the better job I think!)

Then the last day (I came back a day later though) I stayed on my own to up up the internal stud walls in the middle section.

Complete with awkward pointy door linings! 

Got home Wednesday night. Now need to make up three odd doors to take with me the next time I go there and I can second fix (skirting, architrave, doors - Americans often call this trim work) and get it ready for painting. 

Dill still has lots to do, he's adding a big window in the other gable end, the slating needs to be finished (along with the lead work). But it's felt like a huge leap the last few weeks. I'll keep you posted on the progress. If Dill sends me enough photos I'll do one of the completed roof as it is going to look seriously good, I would go help more but can't due to the children going back to school and I have some talks booked in! 


  1. Looks a good solid job. Will it be a bedroom or an attic?

    1. Officially it will be an attic. Although it has create some great low ceiling rooms where you could easily fit 2 single beds and a double. People used to sleep up there in the past.


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