Tuesday 5 April 2022

Sunday With The Children

 #### This blog post contains pictures of dead animals. If that offends you then don't click read more and come back another time. ####

I often wonder what the children will remember from their childhood. What will form core memories for them. 

Sunday is a simple day that I enjoy. I love when we go out for the day but I also love it when we stay home and tackle a load of jobs together. 

In the morning the children and I dispatched and processed 8 chickens for the freezer. 

I mean it's not the nicest job in the world, but what I love is how we all know what we're doing, get on with it, chat about everything together. I love these moments together. 

The afternoon was spent doing jobs odd jobs here and there, but the boy had a project he wanted to make. So we went outside, found a log and then headed back to the shave horse and the workshop. Not really sure what it was (a kind of bug house) but we had great fun making it together and I love to see when he's being creative. 

I'd love to hear of early memories you have, snapshots of early life. 


  1. Well I am betting they will remember all the time and knowledge you gave them.

  2. Your children will look back having lived a life in the real world and not through TV, media and phones, though as they get older that will come. I grew up in rural Somerset, where mum plucked birds for our meals, and dad had skills for making things. It's the best childhoods to give your children.

  3. As a child, my parents didnt differentiate about male/frmale jobs(this was in the 1940's) I grew up helping with whatever was being done. Now in my 80's ,I am still amazed at what I know about and how to do it. What you are showing them and what they see being done, will be with them forever. Great childhood.

  4. One of my childhood memories is chasing headless chickens after the fox got into the hen coop. My sister and I both rather enjoyed it!

  5. Kev, one of my best memories with my father is building a chicken coop and then keeping chickens. In a childhood where we were very different people, it was one thing we could connect on.

  6. Where do I start?! We moved here to our 2 Derbyshire Acres 40 years ago when our children were in their early teens. Since then we have welcomed grandchildren and now great grandchildren who revel in simple pleasures when they are here. growing plants that grow quickly, making dens, collecting eggs, feeding lambs, homemade swings, time sitting around a fire with grandad whittling wood.

  7. I remember mixing cement, putting the spade into the pile of sand and some how getting a slow worm on the top. Every time we have sand for jobs, I think of my dad laughing his head off laying blocks and bricks for the house extension. I know for sure, every moment I absorbed something. I take builders back with my knowledge sometime. They try and bamboozle me. Couldnt find hydrolime anywhere for rendering, the blocks tried to eyeball me in slacking off for the day. We are paying them by the day. I marched into the house, into to my storage and came out with washing up liquid. "thats and old mans trick". to which I replied "the old men knew what they were doing then and got the job done". ha ha The kids will know a lot more than their class mates and will thrive in any setting with such a good grounding.

  8. Teaching this to your children is wonderful!!
    I remember I was about 6 the first time I watched my grandmother process a chicken and I turned out just fine.

  9. I remember lighting the coal fire as I was the first one home. Mum had a full time job, which was unusual in the 1950s and 60s And I remember chopping the wood for kindling, so I could light that fire, with a full sized axe aged 10, must have started chopping wood, and lighting the fires, years before that. Still got all my fingers and toes and never burnt the house down.
    Also remember scything the long grass with a full size scythe at about 14 or 15. Looking back, what was unusual was that, as a girl I did these and other jobs and no one commented in our family.
    I also remember my brother doing embroidery on my mothers sewing machine as well at about age 14 and making birthday cakes and decorated them from about 10 years old.
    My parents were, and are (at age 92) wonderful..


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