Wednesday 24 August 2022

Harvest Basket

 I love making the products I do for sale. I put a serious amount of effort into designing them and I'm never afraid to tweak that design as I go along. 

I look at the following to make a good product - 

I want it to be functional - it has to do the job it's supposed to do

I want it to be durable - I want people to have my products for many years

I want it to look great - no one is going to buy it unless it looks amazing. 

I want it to be an effective use of timber - It needs to use the timber I have effectively (this is often why I'll list one off items or odd sizes, to make the most of what I have). 

It has to be able to be posted - If its a product I sell then I need to be able to ship is easily without damage

It has to be store well while I'm awaiting sales. 

For a few years I made a lot of Harvest baskets to sell. These always did really well for me, built from reclaimed pine they ticked all the boxes above, unfortunately for a while I was unable to get the timber and storage was tricky as they're quite big items to have sat waiting to sell. So I shelved the design and concentrated on a few other products to keep me busy. 

Having got a load of reclaimed wood the other day I decided to make up some batches of baskets again, both the size in this post and the other two sizes I make. This size is the one I use the most myself, I have three of them and use them for everything in the garden when produce is concerned, but my favourite thing is to hang them from the ceiling for stuff to dry. 

This latest batch I've made 10 baskets and it was when I went to put them away I was really pleased with with a part of the design that is just for me - they interlock in storage! Meaning I can store more of them in a smaller space. 

I'm hopeful these will sell in the run up to Christmas and the following spring. Find the listing here - Harvest Basket or contact me via email. 

What type of gardening item would you like to see me make? Maybe I'll end up making it and you can have the prototype! 


  1. Those baskets look damned fine. We might visit you come Xmas time.

    1. Ah thanks! I put a lot of effort into making stuff so I'm always happy when it looks good.

  2. I like the simple design. You've done it! ;0D


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