Monday 22 August 2022

Sales Go Quiet in Summer (for me anyway)

The number of years I've been making garden products for sale I always experience a slump in the summer. When it's hot and dry I guess the last thing people want to be thinking of is buying things for their garden. 

My peak times are Christmas (and for a few weeks afterwards when hints dropped weren't picked up on) and the spring. 

Click the picture to be taken to my Etsy shop with my range of garden tool boxes, baskets, boxes and trays!

Most summers that means I fall back on more traditional carpentry, going off and working on peoples houses or making commissions. This year I've decided to hold my nerve and make extra stock for Christmas, with the hope of having every item I make to sell around that time. 

Click the picture to go straight to my new mini tool boxes - I got the idea for these in a museum in Wales. 

But to invest time and lots of money in timber now does involve a bit of faith in hoping people will still want to buy my items! Especially if we slip into recession like is predicted. I was blown away this weekend where I tweeted about my concerns and I was rewarded with 8 sales! I couldn't quite believe that a tweet could do so much! 

So for the next few months I'm going to concentrate on building the stock of my key items and make sure I have lots of other unique products to sell as well. I also have a lot of magazine articles to write so some of the items from them might be for sale soon as well.  

Do you ever make things for sale? How do you decide how much stock to make of one item?


  1. Kev, I have just done my first jar of fermented tomatoes. The link is at the bottom of my post today. She also does cherry tomatoes fermented but I haven't tried that yet.


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