Monday 15 August 2022

Japanese Wineberries Are A Favourite

It's rare that the children pick favourites when it comes to the fruit we grow, they seem to love everything, but the Japanese wineberry harvest has become a time of year they all look forward to! 

I often talk about this fruit on my unusual fruit & vegetable talk, saying how loved it is, how easy it is to grow and how the birds tend to leave the fruit alone (so far). I end the talk saying that if there is one thing to grow from the 30 or so I've described then this is it. I even love the striking red stems in winter, the only thing to do is make sure you keep control of it as it likes to grow where the tips touch the ground. 

The wineberry is also a fruit where the name perfectly describes the taste, a slightly winey tasting berry, slightly sticky in your hands as well. 

My eldest had a friend over the other day for a playdate and they spent a long time picking these fruits in the one huge patch we have. We didn't see many of the fruits head towards the house though! But both girls seemed very happy with their choice of activity. 

Anyone else love these red berries? 

1 comment:

  1. I love them. I often see them on a walking trail we frequent. I stop and pick to my heart's content. For some reason we didn't get many this year. Maybe the birds got them first or they were affected by the weather somehow.


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