Wednesday 24 May 2023

Thyme In The Patio Planter

When we built the patio I got two big planters built up as well. 

The one nearest the wall I didn't think much would grow that well as for a lot of the months of the year it wouldn't see much sunlight, being north facing and shaded by the house.

So for that planted I decided to plant some thyme plants I started from seed, a bit of risk but I'd see how they went. The other planter we used for annuals. 

Sorting seeds in the sunshine next to the thyme

 Last year we replanted the other planter with lavender, but unfortunately none of it really took, even with frequent watering.  

The planter with the thyme however looks just glorious! 

So it's made me think, why fight it. I've just sowed some more thyme seeds in the hope of filling the other planter the same. Then I have two very easy to maintain areas and the kids have more herbs for their "potions". 

What's you favourite, easy to control plant for a tricky area?


  1. Geranium Macccrorrhizum Kev. The perfume smell is to die for.

  2. My kids are big fans of pesto so we raise a lot of basil in planters near the house.

  3. Looks great. Dave knows his plants, the geraniums are great in flower and attract a lot of pollinators - and hang on through drought, heat, snow.... they have even seeded into old neglected pots and thrived on neglect at ours.

  4. Looks great Kev!

    We have had some glorious thyme plants in the past, but they never manage to make it through the deep freezes we have had in the last couple of years.


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