Monday 11 September 2023

Don't Use Holiday Mode On Etsy

Etsy has been the main way I've earnt my living for some time now. My business has been slow to build but it fits well around the children, I have a built and designed a good range of products and put a lot of effort into what I do. 

But each year we'd go away and I'd put my shop on holiday mode, which was great as there is no hassle, but it would mean a big gap in my sales. I decided to try a different method this time and have had great success. 

Let me know how you deal with time away if you run your own business

1 comment:

  1. When I was working on a daily basis, I used to dream about building projects out of wood as a retirement income source. Funny how when I stopped working, my life seemed to only get busier and I find myself doing less woodworking that I would like to. In fact, I can barely scratch things off the "for family" list much less entertain offers for paying customers.


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