Saturday 9 September 2023

Highschool Starts

It seems the different milestones of life keep clicking by. 

The children have gone back to school, only this time our eldest has gone off to secondary school.

It suddenly feel very different. With Primary school you're really involved, invited in for different things, it somehow feels you have to be a part of it. Secondary school it feels like you're sending your child off into the world, the school doesn't want you, just your child. 

The first day I drove her to a friend's house in the town and all the children from her class that had chosen this school walked into together. She went in smiling.

When I came to pick her up that evening, I met another mum who was waiting for her son. She said that they had to lock the door to stop her son getting back in the car! So I felt like my daughter was winning that day!

She came out smiling that day as well. She had a slight issue with one teacher and her phone. She has to have it out to monitor her blood glucose levels for her diabetes unfortunately. All teachers were meant to be informed but her tutor came over and asked her to put it away. She said she was a little upset but didn't argue, then she watched this teacher read her emails, look up at her, then come back over and tell her it was fine to check her levels whenever she wanted!

But it was today (as I write this it's Friday) that it all sinks in. We were sat on the bench, I'd left the other two in the truck, so just her and I were sat their waiting for the bus. We chatted and to me she just seemed instantly more grown up. The bus rolled up and she gets in on her own, I'm not going with her, I'm not speaking to the driver or checking everything is okay. She gets on and sits down and I watch her go off down the village. 

That afternoon she comes walking back up the road to meet us. A smile on her face, a whole series of experiences of her own, ones we sit and talk about if she chooses to share them. 

She makes me proud and happy every day. 


  1. You describe so many parents views on senior school, they want to be independent, they want to be grow up and do things their selves, but it doesn't stop you worrying about them.

  2. So glad your daughter is doing well so far. It's such a change from primary school. Unfortunately, my granddaughter is finding it hard right now, she likes the school but as there were only three from her village school going up in the world, and as the other two are a right pair of ****'s and stick together with their nasty snapchat messages and don't share any of her interests (gymnstics and horseriding mainly) She's had to try to find new friends from other schools. Lunchtimes are especially hard, constantly sitting alone and texting her mum, but she's joined art club on Thursday lunchtime, and on Fridays they finish at 12.30 so there's only Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to deal with right now. They have a brilliant guidance teacher who is watching out for her and she has already hauled in one of the two previously mentioned for a talking to. I think my granddaughter is getting there slowly though, there are new friends on the horizon.

  3. It sounds like she had an overall good experience, Kev.

    You are right - it does feel like a completely different world once they enter those doors.

  4. We want so much for our children to go "out into the world" in a happy, well-adjusted way, but at the same time don't you wish they could stay small and protected and at home with you forever? They just keep growing and going into one stage after another. Oh, it's not easy (that's an understatement) to be the best we can be for our kids!

  5. Your children are growing up quickly, as kids do today. With loving and supportive parents, they should be ok. You are right, high school is a whole new ballgame. I'm glad to hear your daughter is navigating her new school well. All is good.

  6. It’s a different world for sure. Of course we are facing another one, our oldest attending her last year of school. In months, she will be driving off to a far off city to attend college. I’m still coming to grips with that thought.


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