Thursday 21 September 2023

The Great Worcester Maise Maze

I've seen maise mazes advertised, but I've never been to one. I always assumed they might be a bit pants. But Tuesday night I went with the Cub Scouts and I have to admit I thought it was pretty awesome. 

The cubs absolutely loved it. As scouts we had the whole place to ourselves as they opened especially for us (one of our leaders worked there over summer). The children all tore off like crazy to try and find all the stamps for their cards. The whole evening was filled listening to their laughter and shouts. Perfect way for them to burn off some energy. 

Every year the maze has a theme and this year it was trains, so dotted around the maze were different stamps of different trains all with a bit of information on them. The children had to collect all the stamps - harder than it sounds! The whole maze is shaped like a train from above as well. 

Every single on of them enjoyed it. I have to admit that I did as well. I feel like I walked miles. and the maze was so high and thick you couldn't see through it at all (it's on a 14 acre field). 

As an adult I got a map and when one group of kids were struggling I "accidently" dropped my map (they'd been begging me for it) so they grabbed it and ran off laughing. I had to chuckle, what a great way to get them to learn to use a map - especially as they thought they were being naughty! 

 A great way to spend an evening or afternoon. There were other, smaller, mazes there as well, but we didn't get chance to go around those - some with sunflowers instead of maize. 

Scouts certainly keeps me on my toes! Seems to entertain me as much as the kids sometimes! 

Anyone else been to a Maize maze lately?


  1. Kev, this is a thing in the States as well. I have never been, but it certainly seems like a good time. Glad the scouts had a good time.

    1. They loved it. Great to see them all running wild!

  2. I have not been to a "corn" maze here either though I have gone through several built out of shrubbery that are more permanent in nature.

    I also learned a new phrase, "a bit pants". I can guess what it means from contexts but it was an interesting phrase so I googled but couldn't find the origin of the phrase.

  3. A 🌽 ing! Or amazing even. It looks a great day out for all ages.

    1. It was greta fun dave. I enjoyed it as much as them.


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