Sunday 31 December 2023

Basket In A Basket

I should have released the last blog post after this one! But the video wasn't uploading very quickly (about 16 hours...). 

This was a basket I got asked to make in the run up to Christmas. Normally I'd say no as it's always a difficult time with time management then, but in a moment of weakness I agreed. It was unusual enough to be interesting. 

The lady wanted a basket for her husband and she wanted a basket within a basket with a divider. She also wanted it bigger than my usual baskets. 

 I agreed and set to making it. 

A fair bit of thinking goes into making a one off like this, and the parts all have to be specially made for this basket. I don't think I made any profit on it at all, but it certainly helps keep my brain going. 

I like the inner "berry" basket, I think it's just fun. The larger square shaped basket looks cool as well, it's just an enlarged version of my medium basket really, but supersized. The handle folds down and makes it so it can all be put away neatly. 


  1. It's a very cool basket, sadly in my tiny garden I would never get a harvest big enough to use such a lovely double basket.

    1. It will take a fair harvest that's for sure! I do smaller baskets...

  2. It's lovely, I really enjoyed watching the video!

    1. Thanks! I'm getting much more natural with filming my projects now. Hopefully I'll have a few fun ones for this next year planned.


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