Tuesday 26 December 2023

Here's Hoping You Had a Good Christmas

Thanks for the lovely comments on my last post. We had a lovely chilled out Christmas day, and I hope if you're reading this you did as well. 

The children enjoyed opening their gifts, our boy loved giving the gift he'd made to his mother (more on that in a later post). 

The day was spent with the children playing with their toys, mainly putting their Lego sets together. The youngest got a guitar, he's been having lessons like Middlest.

My wife cooked an amazing Christmas dinner. The "medium" Turkey my middlest and I picked up on Christmas eve from a farmer my brother knows. It turned out to be 15lb monster - although I'm told that is a medium bird! 

The dinner she cooked with 8 different veg, each one cooked to absolute perfection! Needless to say I didn't need to eat tea or breakfast the next day. 

We even had special taskmaster Christmas crackers to pull over our dinner. These were great fun, including lots of tasks to complete once the meal was done. 

The children took to it with gusto and the tasks had us up and about, burning off all the calories we'd consumed. A fun addition to dinner and no plastic tat to sweep away afterwards. 

No guessing who won...

So in all, it was a lovely chilled out Christmas day, once the children were in bed I even managed to get my wife to watch my favourite Christmas movie - Die Hard! 

Hope everyone else had a great day as well. 


  1. Fabulous Kev, what a great dinner you had, that turkey looks wonderful too.

  2. Those crackers sound like so much more fun than charades


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