Tuesday 5 December 2023

Carved Bread Board - Woodcarving Raised Letters

 I love doing some carving projects, and I love sharing them almost as much as doing them.

This is a bread board for an upcoming magazine article in Woodcarving magazine. I wanted to make a bread board, but do it a little different to the norm, and have the lettering raised rather than sunk in. this is harder to do, but gives the board a really unique look. 

I carved it in sycamore, a perfect wood for this type of project. Hard enough to be a bread board, but takes detail brilliantly. 

The video below has a full step by step guide on how I created it. 

I think this makes a really great project, manageable in a day and not needing hundreds of tools. I think I used just the 13 carving chisels above to do the carving, I probably could have got away with less. 

As I write this the board is still available for sale (I'd love to keep it, but we need the money more really - selling the items is the only way I really justify being able to afford the time to do the magazine articles).

It would make a great Christmas present for the bread lover in your life or a nice treat for yourself. Send me an email if you fancy it, or buy on Etsy here. As always you'll get a free packet of home saved seeds as well! 

Let me know what you think! 

What would you carve on a board like this?


  1. I prefer a wooden cutting board and have 4, which we use for different things.

  2. Must have taken you an age to do. It's gorgeous.
    I have half a dozen old round bread boards and use them as hot saucepan stands, some say bread, some have patterns and some plain.

  3. It's lovely Kev. Maybe you should start making some matching bread knives to go with it....

  4. Alas, I am not allowed to buy it according to Etsy restrictions but it is a fine piece of work. It would make a fine gift for my wife who is just getting into baking bread in a big way.

    Have you worked with quarter sawn Sycamore? I'm not sure if yours is an English version of American Sycamore but when we quarter saw ours, there will be lots of interesting flecks in the wood grain. I use those areas to make fine boxes.

  5. A most excellent bread board. Heathens that we are we tear our bread... and have an enormous range of bamboo cutting boards for all manner of bench and table protection. I can't justify buying more.

  6. Wow Kev, it's great! I have a carved cutting board that I inherited from my grandmother. It's one of my kitchen treasures and I'm guessing your is destined to become a treasure for someone as well.

  7. Wow, great chisel work and I'm glad to learn Ed was able to purchase the board!


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