Friday 1 December 2023

English Country Life

If you're on social media enough you make some good friends along the way (this blog is a perfect example of that. 

Two friends I have made are Hugh and Fiona, who run the YouTube channel English Country Life (almost as good as my own channel). Hugh and I chat frequently, you can even spot one of my baskets in some of their videos

They've just opened an online shop selling quality smallholder equipment from UK firms and I thought it deserved a share. They have a great range of poultry equipment as well as other tools and electric fencing, they're a lovely friendly couple who so happily share their knowledge with others, I hope the shop gets the support it deserves!

Go have a look and say Kev sent you! 


  1. Seems like a nice interesting channel, I shall watch that later. By the way, I was tempted, like many others by that bread knife you were talking about on Instagram the other day...sent off for one... They should be paying you for the publicity!

    1. or was it Twitter, I can't remember, damage done anyway...

    2. Sue I think you're right, so many people messaged about that bread knife. They are a great tool, they go through a fresh hot loaf without ripping it to pieces. I think I would have earnt a fair bit on a 5% commission. To be honest though I'm just glad a good company gets some more business, they make a good product and the money is not going to some fatcat.

  2. Added to "The List of Things I Do", Kev. Added your Etsy store as well for good measure.


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