Wednesday 17 January 2024

Fitting A Brinsea Chick-Safe Eco Automatic Door Closer

 Just before Christmas I got sent an automatic door opener from my friends at English Country Life

I've always wanted to try one so thought this was the perfect opportunity to try one out. 

Watch the video above to see how I got on. It was easy to fit, but I did have a few teething problems to getting it working correctly. Namely my new little chicken coop needs to settle in, it had rained lots and some of the boards had swollen up, making the pop hole door not run quite as smoothly as it could normally. For this opener to work properly the doors need to slide up silky smooth, so I removed it, sanded all the edges to make it glide easier then reattached it. Since then it's been working fine.

So a fun addition to my chicken coops, very tempted to get a few more and allow myself some long lie ins! 


  1. As my dad would say, there is plenty of time to get such things in the future, when you no longer have kids around that you can order to go open and close such doors.


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