Saturday 20 January 2024

Passing The Torch For Birthday Cakes!

 January sees two of our children having birthdays. Now normally I always display my cake making abilities on here and show you what I made for the children. Some have been great (My Olaf cake) some not so great (My Peppa Pig cake). 

This year is a little different. Our Middlest child decided she wanted to do them both her self with no help. She also wanted to make the cupcakes they were going to give out at the laser quest part they had as well. 

The youngest asked for a Lego brick, to match what he spends about 70% of his time doing! 

She had no help making these at all. 

The second cake the eldest asked for a hedgehog cake with loads of chocolate.

Now I'll be the first to admit we should have moved him onto a clean plate as it does look like he's done a dirty protest! 

They had a joint party, even though they're 8 and 10, and it was just to take a few friends to Laser Quest. This was great fun. I went in thinking I wouldn't be too competitive, after all there is a lot of kids in there. I'd say I was about 30 seconds in before I started walking around like the terminator. Even managed to get two of my son's friends to team up with me, which meant I didn't get shot in the back! 

Always makes January feel a bit mad with two birthdays to get through, but this year was fairly easy! Still can't believe or children are now 8, 10 & 12! Some of you have followed this blog their whole lives! 

Which cake was you're favourite?


  1. I'm one who has followed along from their beginning! My grand daughter's birthday is today, too. So Happy Birthdays all around. Cheers

  2. Yes, I'm another that's seen them through all their lives. I like the hedgehog cake best, he's got a cheeky look as in 'look what a mess I've made!' The cupcakes are rather splendid too, and the lego brick of course. Your middlest daughter is so talented with her baking, as they all are of course. Well done!

  3. Clever girl! Love the hedgehog.

  4. They are both brilliant! We are Lego lovers here too, and I have made a similar cake for my boy in the past. Happy birthday!

  5. I spent a significant part of my childhood stirring legos around on the floor looking for the correct piece. Still, I love the creativity of the hedgehog.

    My grandparents or parents never went easy on my brother or I when playing competitive games be it cards or ping pong. I remember many years of being thrashed at ping pong by my father. But eventually, the day came when I started beating him on occasion and eventually, most of the time. For me, the feeling of the baton being passed really resonated with me and so I take every opportunity to beat my kids at anything competitive. Already, the oldest is starting to beat me occasionally at certain things. Again, the baton is passing.

  6. great cakes - very imaginative interpretation of the requests.


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