Saturday 6 January 2024

Alviti Bake Off

 The other day all the children had a friend round to play. 

the girls decided to partner up and do their own version of the popular TV show Bake Off. 

But the baking began before their friends even arrived. 

All three friends are notorious fussy eaters so the day before the girls baked up some sausage rolls - something they knew they'd all eat.  

Then it was on to the baking day. They had two challenges. One was to bake some carrot cake cupcakes. My wife did the task in a the trust style of a "technical" and wrote out the instructions, but minus any cooking times. It really put the girls to the test. Middlest's team cooked them for 38 minutes and eldest cooked them for 22 minutes. 

The decorations were really fun. 

The other challenge was to bake a cake. Originally it was to be "chicken themed" but the one team abandoned that as they ran out of time. We ended up with a beautiful apple cake - 

And a lovely chocolate cake as well! 

This was a golden syrup cake and it was lovely! 

Of course the hardest bit of all this was the judging...

Actually that's a lie. The hardest part was forcing myself back out to the workshop after eating all that cake for the judging! 

They had such fun through the whole day and it was lovely to see them putting all their skills to use, I think they learnt a fair bit as well. I stayed well out the way while it was all going on (too many chefs and all that). 

Do you think you could manage to judge it?


  1. I'd hate to have judged it but I wish I could have been there - it looks great fyn!

  2. I would have to say sorry your bakes are too close to call, it's lovely seeing children bake,

  3. What a fantastic day with great results. I’m not sure how I would have judged the results though!

  4. Judging for me has always been easy with my kids. I just tell them it is all outstandingly good, so good I can't possibly pick a favorite. It is a cop out for sure.

    My wife and girls get into a baking marathon just about every weekend. So much so, that we often have leftovers well into the following week which allows me to do other things without having to worry about what is for supper. This week though, we all spent the weekend in front of our fireplace and there is a salmon filet in the fridge so I know dad's special salmon cakes will be on order soon.

  5. Kev, The Great British Bake Off is one of my children's most favorite shows, and they are all in college or over. The bake up looks great!

    Sadly, I do not think I can convince mine to compete like this, although they sometimes will just make delicious things in succession, which is also good...

  6. You are lucky, and blessed. Mine just takes the wrapper off and pop into the microwave !!

  7. Wow talk about well supplied with cake. Better than having them slope off to bedrooms and play video games though. I bet visitors will always remember your place.


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