Monday 22 January 2024

First Garden Club Talk Of The Year

It makes me so happy when the garden club talks kick off again. 

Last week I went to Stoke Lacy, not too far away from where we live thankfully. It was a cold night but they had a good turn out for the size of their club (about 25 turned up). 

I gave it my all as always, glad to be back up in front giving a talk. I had loads of lovely feedback at the end and managed to sell a few triangle scoops and a bird feeder. 

I have a good number of talks booked in ahead of me. If you happen to be about then I'd love to see you at one of these garden clubs, most will allow non member to come and pay on the night, but worth sending them an email first.


16th January - Stoke Lacy Garden club - Unusual Fruit and Veg I

13th March - Tenbury Garden Club - A Talk About Our Homestead

17th April - Gotherington Garden cub - Unusual Fruit and Veg I

30th April - Lower Broadheath Garden society - Unusual Fruit and Veg I

28th May - Hereford Fuchsia Society - Preserving The Harvest 

8th & 9th June - Hellen's Garden Festival - Waste To Wonder Panel With Liz Knight

19th June - Hallow Horticultural Society - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

15th July - Minchinhampton Gardening Club - Preserving the Harvest

10th September - Puddleston Gardening & Nature Club - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

19th September - Wigmore & District Garden Club - 

25th September - Fownhope Garden Club - Preserving The Harvest

5th October - Brimpsfield and Mid Cotswold Garden Society - Perserving the Harvest

10th October - Northwood Green - Preserving The Harvest

14th October - Brimfield (Herefordshire) - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

19th October - Powick Garden Club - Preserving The Harvest

9th November - Corvdale Garden Club (Diddlebury village hall) - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

13th November - Tenbury Garden club - Unusual Fruit and Veg I  

26th November - Orleton Garden Club - Self-Sufficient Fruit Grower

28th November - Buckholt - Monmouth - Unusual Fruit and Veg I


11th February - May Hill Garden Club - Unusual Fruit And Veg I

20th February - Leigh & District Gardeners' Club -  A Talk About Our Homestead & How We Got Here

12th March - Oddingley & District Gardening Club - Unusual Fruit and Veg I

1st April - Grosmont & District (Abergavenny) - 

I'm fairly sure I'll pick up a few more for 2024 yet, but that seems like a good number for the year and a few even into 2025 already (which I know will come around quick). I've agreed to speak at Hellen's Garden Festival again and think they're talking about it being another panel - I really enjoy those - but not confirmed which day it will be yet. 

Hopefully see you at a talk one day soon! 


  1. That is fantastic Kev! Congratulations!

    Question: Do you know if any of these talks are live cast? You know, for your international audience...

    1. It's always been a tricky one for me as I don't really want them online as I'd rather be paid to give the talk, but I'm limited so much by the area I live and I'm willing to drive to. Our internet is a bit unreliable currently for giving a live talk online, maybe when we get fibre it'll be something I'll consider.
      I have got dozens of hours on YouTube now on different subjects. If you want a video on a certain thing I'm sure I could put one together for you, I'm always on the lookout for ideas.

    2. That makes sense, Kev. I suppose it is a personal thing, see you "present" as opposed to demonstrate in your videos. I do a fair amount of training in my "real job", and always enjoy seeing how other people do it.


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