Friday 12 January 2024

Small Berry Basket

 I've had quite a few people suggest I should make a smaller basket in my range.

Well I've been thinking about it lots, drawn a few sketches and made a few prototypes, and this is the one I've come up! The Berry basket - Ideal for collecting precious berries from the garden or even collecting the eggs from the chickens. 

I'm really pleased with it, it has the "cute" appeal I was going for, but is also really practical. 

I made up a batch of them last week, alongside some more medium baskets to add to my stores. 

Oiled up and drying - ready for the next stage - quite a few baskets here and a few days work to get to this stage. 

Batch production work can get a little boring, especially in these numbers, but it does create consistency and makes me a little faster. I had a great book to listen to so that helps (I think I was listening to "Sidesplitter" by Phil Wang at the time, I highly recommend it). 

I'm really trying to keep the price point low with these baskets at the moment, but will have to re-evaluate after I've sold a few as to whether the price will need to be altered. 

The measure just 25cm (10") long, by 20cm (8") wide by 15cm (6") high and will look great gracing any shed or greenhouse. Ideal for drying a few seeds in as well if hung out the way of furry rodents. 

I'll do a video showing them soon, this is a soft launch of these baskets at the moment, I haven't put them on my other social media channels just yet. If they sell well I'll add them to my main line up. 

Currently pricing them at £25 including postage, but that probably will go up soon. 

Find them here or click on any of the pictures above.

Let me know what you think of them! 

What would you like to see added to my range? I have flour scoops coming very soon as well!


  1. They look really nice. I finally joined the 21st century and now have an audible account so that I can listen to books while doing things in or out of the house. I'm not sure why I waited so long to do so.

  2. They look great Kev! Probably a foolish question: are they stained/sealed?

  3. I think you should drink more Gin and Tonics. Just sayin...


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