Sunday 24 March 2024

Carving Tuition

 So at the weekend I gave my first days carving tuition. It was to a couple that had seen my videos on YouTube and enquired if I'd do some carving instruction. 

I was hesitant at first, it's not something I've done before, except with my own children. But I got talked into it via email!

As the day ticked around I was really looking forward to it. Something a little bit different to my day to day in the workshop. 

The couple arrived and I gave them a walk around the smallholding as a bit of a tour. Then we set to do some tool control skills (the board on the top photo), It was just the husband doing the carving and he was pretty practical and took to it pretty quickly. We all hit it off really well. 

We broke for lunch. I had baked some sourdough that morning (three days in the making), and the day before both girls had baked a cake, a huge Victoria sponge and a very rich chocolate cake.  

The whole day went brilliantly (I thought) and it was lovely to have people in the workshop learning some of the skills I've picked up over my two decades on the tools. They left really happy. 

It's made me think I should probably look at doing it more. I've been considering doing some courses for a while, maybe this is the push I needed. 

I could do courses around the smallholding, basic woodworking and some carving courses. Or maybe just tours and talks as we walk around the homestead. 

What courses do you think I could run?


  1. Judging from your videos on YouTube, you can run all of the above mentioned courses. You have the right personality to be a teacher.

  2. Life is full of chances, which present themselves unexpected, looks as if you have another skill to share.

  3. If I had your skills and confidence Kev I would go for it. Perhaps you could have a building a man shed course or a home brewing course?

  4. To Ed's point, you have all of the skills (and then some) for woodworking. Maybe start there, polish up your method, and then branch out?


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