Tuesday 5 March 2024

More Seeds In

This time of year is so full of promise, especially when my enthusiasm has been knocked back by the weeds yet!

I've been busy sown little and often. 

In the greenhouse I've put the little 1930s (I think) cloche mum got me for Christmas with some radishes under (and some alongside as well).

I've put in some sugar snap peas, but in root trainers, too many furry creatures to try direct sowing here. 

I've also put in three types of leeks, normally I do just one but I thought this could be fun. 

And I've made a big planter for our bedroom to continue to grow our very early baby cucumbers. I have high hopes for these. the planter is made from reclaimed wood and lined with a bit of old silage plastic. A big part of me would like to grow a chilli in the middle of these two plants, although I wonder if that would be too much. Everything looks very far apart when you first put it in, but within a few weeks I've no doubt things will look a bit closer together!

I keep seeing people direct sowing their carrots and the like at the moment. It makes me itch to do the same, but I know it's just too wet here still, the seed would either wash away or rot. So I'll hold on, later crops are better than no crops. 

What have you sown this week?


  1. Even if early sown seeds germinate they do not always resch harvest any earlier. Daylight length is crifical for the maturity, flowering etc of many plants.

  2. I think you can beat the weather if you start seeds and onions and potatoes indoors. My onion sets are planted in compost filled plastic modules in the polytunnel and they have a lovely white root sock in a few weeks. It's far better than planting them directly outside in cold and very wet soil. I like the 1930s zinc cloche. It reminds me of zinc baby baths and dolly tubs. I have grown veg in those.

  3. Still holding back with sowing here, as you say the ground is just to wet for seeds or seedlings.

  4. We direct sowed some radishes, two kinds of lettuce and two types of peas. I would have done some more but we are off tomorrow on a vacation and didn't want to have to worry about watering, (we are still extremely dry here) so the rest will have to wait until we get back.

  5. Makes me excited for you Kev! And sad for me, as due to this year's relocation I will not be able to have a much of a garden (if any - hoping for at least a window box at the new place).


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