Monday 11 March 2024


 On Saturday we had a great day completing the 12km "ShireHike" with the Scouts. 

It was a big event with some 700 scouts of different ages attending. There were different length routes, we did the 12km (plus the 1.5km to get to the start), there was a 5km for the beavers (we couldn't get enough leaders to run the beaver walk as well), a 24km for the scouts (our scouts are all quite young so they stuck to the 12km cub walk) and a 37km walk for the explorers! The explorers group set off really early. 

We walk on the hills plenty and it was all routes we knew, but it was still a fun thing to do on a Saturday. The weather was kind. 

And although there was lots of scouts on the hills, it didn't feel too busy. 

We didn't manage to go as a whole family, although we all did the walk. My wife and Eldest went with the scouts, and I went with the younger two with the cubs. 

They all seemed to really enjoy it, and there was a lot of laughter coming from the children, they seemed to have a great time, even if they did moan about their feet a few times! 

Of course to fuel us properly we had to have something good in our packed lunches. I baked my usual white rolls, but had done some Mexican chicken and rump steak to go in them. 

The Middlest made a chocolate brownie, she is constantly trying new recipes for it. This one was really good. 

and the eldest made a chocolate cake with real (goats) butter icing in the middle and black berry jam. It showed how hard she was walking as she had a big lunch and didn't need any insulin for it apparently! 

A fun day with two of the children. Sometimes it's really good to do things separately but also together, if that makes any sense at all? 

Scouts can feel like a massive pain at times, it's such a commitment, but we do get more out than we put in (most of the time anyway). 

Anyone else been on a long walk lately?


  1. I can agree with your last Scouts statement, I felt the same back in 80's as a guide leader. Our walks are almost always much, much shorter and on flat ground.

  2. Our blogs remind us of great times with our families. I love walking.

  3. Looks like a great time Kev, thanks for the pictures. The British countryside always looks enchanting, at least to an American that has very different vistas.

    On the bright side, the upcoming relocation will put us well within the range of many lovely hikes with actual nice scenery, so hopefully more hiking coming this Summer.

  4. I discovered a step counter on my phone while in Greece. I had several days at or above 20,000 steps, far above my daily average leading up to the trip.


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