Wednesday 17 April 2024

Stored Apples In April

Although we still have some good, tasty apples left in the store we have started buying some the last few weeks. 

The stored ones just don't travel well now and as four of the five of us go off every day and need to take lunch the apples look very bruised an unappetising by the time it's lunch! 

so although I'm eating ours from the (apple) store, the other's aren't. It's shame, I could do with growing some that travel a bit better at this age. The middlest still takes dried appple with her every day though. 

I think it might be worth stewing up some of these and dehydrating the better ones before they loose too much condition. I had a go through the other day and I think the mild weather has made a few of them start to turn. 

If you store apples how are yours looking this year?



  1. Could you tell us which are the best ones for long storage in your opinion please?

  2. I remember my mum storing apples in carboard banana boxes, each wrapped in newspaper, stored under her bed, our jobs was to regularly check them and remove any bruised ones.

  3. I have never stored apples before but after seeing your previous post on the subject, I would like to try some if I ever have a surplus again.


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