Monday 1 April 2024

Wood Fired Pizza

 Saturday there was that yellow orb in the sky that we haven't seen for months. I decided to seize the opportunity, I got up early and set to making bread, then did my chores and lit the earth oven. 

I then tended it as I went about getting some gardening jobs (potting on far too many tomatoes and peppers), and invited some friends for lunch. Not much notice but it felt like we needed to grab this opportunity to worship the sun for a few hours. 

The batch of dough I'd put on would work well for pizza and put on a second mix, this was as well as my middle daughter making hot cross buns and the eldest making a cake for afternoon- I was also making a rye sourdough and a couple of normal sourdough loaves for the freezer! 

Our friends came over, I started cooking. They have four children who spend a lot of time with our three, I cooked so many I had to refire the oven half way through for more heat. 

We were in no hurry though, so it just made the afternoon more enjoyable. The children went off to play in trees leaving us to chat and share a few drinks.

I think we made and cooked a total of 12 pizzas with very little spare. I also made up a couple of garlic breads, which honestly could be better than pizza. 

Seemed like the perfect start to spring. I could do with a few more days like this, the ground needs to dry up and I need to get a wriggle on in the garden. But great to fire the oven up and see it's not falling apart. There are a few cracks on it, but nothing major, a little has washed off the one face, but not enough to do anything about. Maybe one day in the summer I could get the children to rub some more clay on the outside face if they fancy a really messy day. 

Who else has been out enjoying this short blast of spring sunshine. 


  1. We sat outside for most of yesterday, the children played and we chatted, the sun makes everything better.

  2. I can imagine that being a great family activity. Maybe one of these days when I'm caught up on other projects, building an outdoor oven like that would be a great activity. We do enjoy our homemade pizza but for now, cook it in the indoor electric oven. Not the same appeal but has the same great taste.


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