Monday 22 April 2024

Trio Of Carved Toolboxes

 I've written a lot of magazine articles now, well over a hundred, and very occasionally I might hear back from someone who has read one. 

One of my first articles in Woodcarving magazine was about making a carved tool box for my daughters 9th birthday, this was a few years back now, so it was lovely to hear from Gordon in Ireland who had read my article and decided to make one.

He has now made three of them! I think the his use of colour on them is amazing! Talk about making  a project your own. 

I honestly couldn't be happier that he emailed to show me. I asked if I could share them here and he agreed. 

I love these tool boxes, it makes me think I have my boys 9th birthday next year and I'll need to make him one. Any idea what I should carve onto it?


  1. ferns? pumpkins? are you selling to the USA yet? i would die for one of these!!!

  2. Gordon did a fantastic job! I don't often take the time to personalize my projects, opting for the speed of completion instead... but seeing these inspires me to make the time.


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