Wednesday 10 April 2024

Watering Can Plunge Tank (mini one)

 Much as I quite like a few moments by the rain barrel to let my watering can fill up, I've decided that I'm wasting too much time doing it. 

So I dragged a water trough from the bottom field up tot the barrels at the back of the shed. It was just the right height (with the addition of a few slabs) to go under the tap. 

Already this is saving me a bit of time each day and I'm only using a few cans full each time. 

I was worried that birds and other animals might meet their demise in there, as well as debris (which blocks the rose on the can), so I knocked up a little cover to go over it as well. 

I plan to have a watering station in the garden once the second greenhouse is up, but until then this will work well. 

Anyone else have a plunge tank/pool to help fill their watering cans?


  1. Brilliant solution, I love those galvanized tanks, I would like one in my end of the garden, sadly no room.

  2. I have a open top plastic tank that I fill with the hosepipe and scoop out buckets of water to feed the livestock quickly.

  3. Same here in New Zealand. Made a huge difference.

  4. The allotment only had plunge tanks - nothing to connect a hose to.

  5. My entire water barrel is a plunge pool. It has a removable lid on top.

  6. Like Ed, one of my water barrels is a plunge pool with a screened, removable lid. Others are up on stands from which I have hoses connected and gravity does the rest.


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