Tuesday 10 March 2015

Shallots Planted

I managed to get my shallots planted yesterday. 
I have no idea what variety they are, all I know is I call them Georges Shallots as that's who gave them to me, hopefully I'll keep this strain going for many years to come and they'll be known as that for a long time! 
I picked through the best of last years and separated out the biggest ones for planting. They've all stored remarkably well hung in the shed and only a few have disappeared in their papery skins. 
 I added plenty of muck to the plot where they were planted and added a whole bucket of wood ash, they seem to love it and most gardeners swear by this. I've made sure I've saved up all my wood ash from the winter with plans to add it to my tomatoes later in the year and my home made plant food. 
I had my little helper with me again, she loved pushing the shallots into the soil and we even managed to get some more seeds planted in the greenhouse. I need to buy some onion sets now and complete the other allium bed to feel like I'm really keeping on top of planting. 

How far has everyone else got with their planting? I bet no one can beat Northsider Dave with his potatoes?


  1. Kev - we still have about half of a foot of snow on the ground and it isn't going anywhere soon! it should be gone by the beginning of april and then i will do peas, potatoes, onions, etc. i'll be starting brassicas indoors next week to be moved out in early april. your shallots look great and you'r little helper is so cute! i'm off now to check out Dave's potatoes!

    your friend,

    1. I'm starting to sow the seeds in the greenhouse as well, haven't done any brassicas yet but I'm sure I will soon.

  2. Shallots Garlic and Onions are romping away, the leeks and cabbage are also making headway, tomatoes are now 4 inches tall, Aubergine, peppers and chillies now have there true leaves, swiss chard and broccoli have now all germinated, I was also sowing a few seeds today :-)

    1. Sounds like you're a head of me. Leeks are sown but not up yet and onions will go in this week as well. I love this time of year!

  3. Thanks for telling folk about our potato planting Kev. They were only cheap from Lidl and if they do get frost bite it's not the end of the world, is it? I have plenty of old straw and newspapers to cover them up. Thanks!

    1. No I agree and I might do the same, it's worth the risk to have extra early potatoes I think!

  4. Can't go wrong with wood ash. I add gallons of it to my garden and beds every Winter. That along with all the barn waste has turned my soil into some great stuff.

    1. It's a great by product of heating the house. I save my wood ash and use it like the great resource that it is!

  5. No sowing yet but a few potatoes are chitting. Hope to sow soon.

    1. My potatoes are on the window sill ready to go in! I might cover a bed with flease and put them under that to get them earlier.

  6. Red Sun and Jermore shallots for us....
    Jermor overwinter...
    and I am preparing the beds for Red Sun and Hercules onions now....
    so can get rid of a tonne of ash from the burner that provides our underfloor and hot water...
    we've usually only watered it on to harden them off before lifting.

    1. Just followed the "George's Shallots" link...
      Kev, if you get a wet soil problem....
      see your 2014 link....
      start them in seed trays....
      filled to the top with compost...
      push shallots [and b'unions] in gently...
      just so's that they stand up...
      they can be left like this for up to six weeks...
      and will develope very good root growth.
      Planting is a bit more complicated....
      you will need to create a shallow trench for each row...
      then your small helper....
      that one in red who "does" know how to rewire your computer to run faster....
      will be needed to hold the top of the bulb level with the soil...
      whilst you refill......
      takes twice as long... BUT....
      you haven't lost any growing time because the soil was wet!!

      In fact, on our allotments in Leeds, the person who always won the "Five shallots" group at the show....
      always started his off on the Tenth of January in trays.... he had been growing the same variety for twenty years...
      always keeping the best back for sowing the next year.... and they always looked wonderful!
      They are the ones with the red ticket, bottom right in this photograph:

    2. I did mean to start them eariler int he greenosue this year and sow onion seeds rather than buying sets but I just didn't get round to it, which is a shame as I did feel my shallots were a bit small last year. I've added plenty of manure so they've got lots to nutrients to go at so hopefully that'll mean they'll grow a bit bigger!
      I've not entered any veg competitions yet but every year I say I will so maybe I will this year!

  7. Its nice its getting time to plant, no :O)...what a cute little helper you have. I have never planted shallots. Not sure why. Tomorrow I will start potting up my tomato seedlings. They are big enough now they need a pot. I am holding off as I said till around April 15th to put them in the garden. I have some days off from work now that I have finished the window treatments I was working on, so I need to get moving first thing in the morning on those tomato seedlings.

    1. I've never brought them and only use them if I grow them, although we do use a lot of onions.
      I terrible at potting on and normally leave it until the last minute as I haven't got somewhere for them to go. Hopefully with my bigger greenhouse I shouldn't have to wait quite so long this year.


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