Sunday 1 March 2015

Fitted Oak Cabinets - A Shameless Plug

I finished fitting some oak cabinets I'd made for a customer last night, they were really pleased with the results and so was I, so I thought I'd put them on here as well as my other blog.
It's been tricky to fit this in around looking after the children, with late nights planeing and gluing up boards plus a few Saturdays on site fitting it all. Making everything myself from scratch takes longer but at least I have no one else to rely on and I can guarantee that I'm going to be at the customers house when I say I am (something that's very important to me).
The finished job
The space to begin with

The TV unit before oiling

All finished ready for some oil

Left hand unit oiled up

It really changes the feel of the room
I'm sorry that this isn't a post on my usual self sufficiency type thing, but I thought that as this is my part time income that helps support us I think it's interesting to show what I do.
If you want to see how I constructed this in more detail then take a look at my other blog for more photos.
Thanks for looking!


  1. Great looking cabinets kev

  2. I wished you lived nearer I would get you to do all the woodwork jobs I need doing, you do lovely work :-)

    1. Cheers dawn, this job was 45 mins away but I am trying to work more local if I can. Saves so much on fuel.

  3. Plugs SHOULD be shameless; it's your living! - lol - Good-looking job.

  4. Im impressed
    We had cupboards and glass fronted cabinets put back into our lounge when we moved it......they look lovely in a period hone

  5. It really does make good use of alcoves to have fitted cupboards and a couple of shelves in them.

    It looks lovely. :-)

  6. I think thy are beautifully done, and that when you are ready for full time work, that you will be really busy! I would rather use someone local and reliable and let them fit me in as they have time...well done! You are doing a terrific time juggling all of your jobs!

  7. Great job, wish you could do my stairs.

  8. Very nice and I hope you get lots more orders.....

  9. hi. cannot find an email for you.
    strawberry tree-- here we have chenopodium low growing red berries edible but tasteless. chickens go wild for them.
    thought you might find the tree strawberries to be similarly loved by chickens.
    take some along to someone with chickens and see.
    worth a try.


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