Sunday 3 July 2016

Back From A Wet Holiday!

I think it's fair to say if you want to know a week when it's going to rain just look out fro when we're going on holiday! 
We're back from a wet week in Wales. 

 The weather wasn't kind to us but we still had a great time and the sun did shine for one day so we managed to get down to the beach.
Every other day was filled with a least a bit of wet weather. The day at the farm park was particularity wet, we still had a good day but it required a full change of clothes when we got home! 

The girls didn't moan about the weather once, they were just happy to be doing exciting things everyday, they were also really well behaved the whole time as well (which makes things easier for my wife and I), Alistair seemed to really enjoy himself as well and he's becoming a proper little character lately!
I've also been reading a few different gardening books so I've got plenty to new ideas to try out! 


  1. Typical summers day in Wales?

  2. Wales in the sunshine is weird

  3. Oh Kev you were just down the road from me, what a shame it rained, this week end has been lovely, at least you all had good quality time together :-)

  4. what a beautiful family you all are!

  5. What a great family portrait. It may have rained a lot, but looks like you had a wonderful time.

  6. Hello Kev!
    I just found your blog and isn't if funny, I just mentioned Kevin Costner on my last post and I called him Kev, as if I knew him! Little things like that amuse me.
    When you were in Wales, were they all going crazy over their football team?

  7. My main weather memory of Wales is of snow, because we always went for Christmas. It does rain a lot too. Holidays aren't always about weather.

  8. Kev, you've given your family a beautiful time to treasure and remember for always...being together is everything:) Happy wife, happy children, happy you...what a blessed family:)

  9. Ah folly farm, the children love it. We home schooled and they have special arrangements for educational visits . They really are very helpful.
    Is that Newgale Beach? The giant chair looks like some they had in Llandrindod Wells. They also have one in the national botanical gardens as well.
    Sorry about the rain, we had high hopes for global warming but nothing seems to of changed lol.

  10. It rains as much here in Wales as it did when I lived near the Lake District .... why do I keep living in such wet holiday places!!

    Still no matter what the weather it looks like you had a fun, family time and that is what children's memories are made of.

    Most of my childhood holidays were spent in a four berth caravan but they were some of the happiest times I remember as a child. You are giving your children those sort of memories and it's priceless.


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