Monday 11 July 2016

Sheep Roundup

My wife often thinks I'm mad. and she told me so when I was rounding the sheep up at 9 o'clock last night after I'd spent the day working with my dad concreting and moving lots and lots of stone. 
I had a couple of lame ewes and wanted to quickly treat them. Rather than having to get up really early in the morning I thought I'd do it as soon as dad left, but we did our usual and only finished after eight, having put in a really good long day. 
Sometimes I'm glad to go back to work as my days are usually so much shorter than what I end up doing on the weekend! Who else ends up doing more on the weekend to try to fit in all those extra jobs?


  1. some of our days go on really late or start really early I think it just goes with the territory :-)

  2. Still, not long to go now before you will be home all day to do those jobs:)

  3. At nine o'clock last night we were rescuing a lamb from the river. About to set off to the pub I heard a lamb bleating and realised it sounded different. It was at the bottom of a steep bank, but with the aid of a grandchild and a ladder we got it out.
    Never stops does it?!

  4. It's the days when you have made a really early start that something tends to happen or crop up later on that needs dealing with before you can stop for the day, making it feel like the longest day ever!!

    I remember really looking forward to weekends back when I worked for someone else, once I had my own business and then now, a seven day week with weekends being the busiest part is just the norm.


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