Tuesday 12 July 2016

Wet Gateway Sorted

Not high on the priority list but dad came round last night to use the digger to move some more soil and stone (stuff we hadn't quite finished on the weekend). I put the girls to bed with my wife and when I got down to him he'd started stoning the one gate way.
I haven't got a "before" picture, but the ruts had got so bad that we couldn't get dads truck through and the muddy water was breeding flies. 
It only took him about an hour, some hardcore and stone but it should make things easier going between fields easier for years to come. I sometimes set up a pen for the sheep here as well so it''ll make it much better for that as well. 
Another infrastructure job done on the homestead.
Who else has sorted out any gateways or has some that desperately need doing?


  1. classic case of a problem creating other problems (the flies)
    glad that it's sorted for you, nobody wants to be stuck in the mud and it was guaranteed to happen at exactly the wrong moment!

  2. It's usually a relief to get jobs like this done isn't it. It's surprising how long we 'put up with' problems that can be solved with just a load of stones and a big bit of kit.


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