Tuesday 5 July 2016

Stay At Home Dad Again - Taster!

My wife had to go back into work for a day yesterday to meet her new class and to make their transition as easy as possible. 
It's the first time I've had all three of them for the whole day, and the longest Alistair has gone without his mummy (or her milk)!
It went brilliantly, I've really missed it and can't wait to get back to doing it again in September. 
We went to playgroup, Baked bread, cookies and cake, it was great fun and all the kids seemed to enjoy it.

Alistair was a star and only cried once all day, his sisters shower him with attention when they're around him and his eyes light up as soon as he sees them, it also makes my job easier! 

So I'm back to work today (locally working on a big hotel extension) but I'm counting down the days until I'm back of with them, but feeling rather selfish as I do as it's also counting down until my wife goes back to work full time! 


  1. Those are some lucky lucky children getting to spend time like that.

  2. I bet your wife can't wait to go back to work as well, if she's going to come home to three happy children, dad and a cake and all those cookies!

  3. What a wonderful arrangement you and your wife have! So unusual for children to have so much quality time with their dad while growing up. Kudos to both you and your wife for being willing to arrange your lives this way. And the fact that YOU enjoy it so much . . . priceless!

  4. Your lucky children come from a really happy home, well done both of you.

  5. You really are giving your children a wonderful start in life .... and your wife will be glad to get back to work if it means she gets to come home to all those wonderful home baked goodies AND happy children.


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