Monday 29 May 2017

Knights And Princess Party

My daughter was having a knights and princesses party at school.

Charley knight was coming and they were having a birthday party for him. There was lots of build up and she was very excited about it, best of all we (my other two and me) could come along as well. My younger daughter was really excited to come in a princess dress as well. I said that I'd dress as a princess so we were all the same, but they told me I couldn't because I was a boy! 

Since having had two daughters I'm not a massive fan of gender stereotyping (and it's become more apparent to me how often it happens) and although the girls could go as knights, they all wanted to be princesses (I blame Disney for that one). 

So a friend and I hatched a plan. She'd go as the a knight and I'd go as a princess. This was certainly pushing me out of comfort zone. 

I'd never worn a dress before, let alone in public! 

I'd made the suggestion as a bit of a joke, but within an hour she sent me a picture to show she'd brought me a dress (XXL and it was only just big enough!) so there was no going back on it then! 
So I rocked up into the party in a princess dress, gloves and a wig. 
I got quiet a reception! 
It was all worth it just to see my eldest's face! She couldn't believe I'd done it and had the biggest grin ever. I have to admit to not keeping it on for the whole party, but it was such a hot day! 
I have a funny feeling we're (my friend the knight and another mum who'd dressed as a princess) going to be in the school news letter! 


  1. Brilliant! Most fetching attire.
    I figured when we went gender neutral with our daughter she wouldn't be bothered by princess stuff. How wrong could I be, she couldn't be more glittery and princess like if she tried. I figure Disney, society and self all contribute to it.
    I was pleased when she said to a dad recently who said to his son, that he shouldn't like pink it was for girls, she said ''It's just a red with lots of white in it and colours don't mind who likes them''

  2. seriously kev, you are like the best father ever!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. I love the picture!
    I bet you made both your daughters day.

  5. My grandson went to see Princess Anne, he was five at the time, his whole class was disappointed, Anne looked like a granny, when questioned the class on mass was expecting a disney princess. Well done for dressing up and being such an awesome dad, love your style of parenting.

  6. Excellent - this is how it should be & the Newsletter will hopefully encourage others.

  7. I love it! Girl power! You were the Belle of the ball! When I was a kid I dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle I loved it.

  8. You have just made memories that your children will dine out on for ever. Brilliant.

  9. Fantastic, well done Kev!


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