Thursday 1 June 2017

Children Helping

My two girls (5&3) helping me get the sheep in.

Kids seem drawn to farming and gardening and the other day I was wondering why.
The animals and things are fun but I think it's more the fact that they feel helpful. They can actually help and feel useful when doing tasks, my children are no fools and know if I need them or not.
My eldest spent the whole day with me, drenching the sheep, starting a new front garden, planting a big batch of Brussels sprouts out and never moaned once and helped with different tasks, as well as being great company.
I remember being useful as a child on my father's farm, I spent so much time with him growing up and I learnt so much from him (and still do!). I hope my children have similar memories!


  1. What a lovely time to spend with your girl.

  2. i think your kids will be natural farmers! i was always right next to my dad when he was gardens and working on things.

  3. I agree children enjoy learning and being useful. I think it makes them feel mature.


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