Friday 16 June 2017

Afternoon Drama!

What an afternoon. 

This little one has been helping me all day (we're designing a new chicken coop) and I'd set up a tent for her near to where I was working so she could play as well.
Unknown to me she'd taken a flower in there (not sure which one yet) and I thought she must have rubbed some in her eye. She came to me quite distraught and saying she couldn't open her eye and it was burning. I washed it out quickly then grabbing the boy we jumped in the car to head to A&E but she kept falling asleep in the car which worried em even further. 

I wasn't sure what to do so rather than drive to the local town I called at the doctors in the village who luckily saw her there and then. 

They weren't worried and the signs weren't there for anything serious so just antihistamines to put my mind at ease and a good nap for her now so she calms herself down. 

Managed to pick my other daughter up just in time from school as well (well I was late but not too late).

 It's amazing to have a doctors surgery in the village and I'm so grateful that they saw her like that without an appointment (I should have gone to A&E really!). 

I'm not someone who panics but she was so worked up I was unsure what to do. 

Be careful with what your kids play with folks!

** This is copied from my facebook page and since getting home and getting her settled she said that it was sawdust in her eye. If she'd told me this before I would have worried much less. I was thinking it was an allergic reaction but I think now that it'l just that she rubbed it so much. 

Poor little thing but she did make me worry! Feel like a fool for charging into the doctors now though! ***


  1. Better to get things checked out than sit and worry though- I'm sure the GP's didn't mind. It's easy to look back and realise things weren't as bad as you thought but very scary at the time. I've been there! Glad she's ok.

  2. Kids keep you on your toes, I should think sawdust in the eye would be painful you did the right thing, better to be safe than sorry

  3. Kev, even if it was sawdust and nothing toxic, the fact that she might have rubbed her eye hard could still be potentially damaging so, especially with children, its best to err on the side of caution.

  4. Better safe than sorry. I would have done the same thing.

  5. Glad your little girl is o.k. - never take a wait and see attitude with eyes. Glad you saw the GP

  6. Don't spend any time at all feeling a fool - it's always wise to be cautious.

  7. Aw, feel like a parent, not a fool!

  8. i can't tell you how many times i did this same type of thing. you are a good parent. no, you are a great parent!

  9. You always worry about your children regardless of age. Thats life. I'm allergic to cats and my eyes swell and burn if I touch them.

  10. what everyone else said! yer such a good dad! and the doctor and other people in the village surgery are glad to know that dad's care so much and they saw her quickly - they wanted to be sure she was ok. you did the right thing! man, you are an awesome dad!

    sending lots of love to you and all of yours! your friend,

  11. Glad everything worked out well. Poor little thing, that sounds frightening.

  12. Kev, never ever feel bad for trying to keep your kids safe and well. You would have been a fool not to have taken her to the Drs. Loss of eyesight or something even worse is not to be trifled with. Think of it the other way, you brushed it off as nothing a bit of dust from the wind and then the next day she couldnt see out of that eye? Then I would have called you fool!

    Glad she is well and safe.

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