Thursday 8 June 2017

Some Lightheartedness On Election Day

A few parody videos to make you smile on election day.
First one is a rather catchy farmer one (Ed Sheeran cover)! 

And these two are some parenting ones that are a little too close to the truth! 
This one is another Ed Sheeran Cover.

And this one is a cover of Feetwood Mac

Now that should have made you smile, just one more thing:

Make sure if you live in the UK that you get out there and vote today

I don't care who you vote for (well I do but I won't tell you on this blog anyway) but make sure that your voice is heard, even if your party has no chance of getting in in your constituency show them that you support them. 


  1. Thanks Kev, these videos have really brightened an otherwise dull day.

  2. Ive voted. Ived text all my friends. Vote vote vote. It is super important as women that we take advantage that we can now vote. I have had a few text back to say that they have voted and Ive asked them to put up an "Ive voted have you?" on their facebooks and twitter.

    I feel very VERY VERY passionately that this could be the most important vote of my life, following Brexit.

    Ive more pics up if you want to see.


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